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Millenial working in new york

Working as a Millennial in New York: Career Paths to Choose

Being a millennial, it might have crossed your visionary mind to go to New York. The cosmopolitan city is vibrant, and it suits the hustle and lofty plans of young people who visit it. You know that the city is more than just a concrete jungle, but a place teeming with opportunities. There are various

steps to achieving goals

Achieve Success in Life: 4 Essential Rules

Sometimes, you feel that something is lacking in your life. Have you asked yourself what it is? What makes you motivated to wake up every morning and go out to do your daily tasks? Many people only dream, but they don’t do anything about it. Do you want to be a writer? Then you should

Children holding their notebooks

Why You Should Teach Children Life Skills While They Are Still Young

Children are blessings. They are literally the future of humanity and should be made aware of a bright future ahead of them. For your little one’s learning needs, Kepler Academy Early Learning and Child Care offer classes suitable to small children. Dealing with young children can put patience to the ultimate test. They can be

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