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young couple speaking with an insurance agent

How Fintech Makes the Lives of Insurance Agents Easier

After banking, the insurance sector is perhaps the most technologically disrupted part of the financial services industry. Innovations like artificial intelligence have opened a new world of possibilities to develop insurance products and reach out to customers. While insurance technology, aka insurtech, is good news to insurance companies and policyholders, is it a benefit to

car manufacturer

Career Shift: Exploring the Manufacturing Industry

A career shift is on the horizon. You want to take the leap but you’re not sure where you want to go next. How about a new life in the manufacturing industry? The manufacturing industry is made up of different establishments and sectors. These sectors focus on the physical, chemical, or mechanical changes of various

IT personnel holding a laptop

The Importance of IT Solutions to Your Business

Businesses today are almost always connected with technology and to the Internet. The use of IT services now play a bigger role. As companies now opt to use cloud or network-based applications and systems, IT is now more of a necessity and a priority compared to their previous responsibilities. Now, some companies use a different

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